The tool that federates all your employees
and makes them improve in the way of your values.

The tool is user-friendly, simple to analyse and personalized, with a « co-built » restitution

Test the coherence of your strategy
with your values.

Prove your ethics
in tenders or in your CSR reports.

Compare your results
for each department or profiles

Avoid ethics scandals

Increase the team spirit

Catch and keep skills

Analysis of your values and restitution as you prefer

Audit / Training / Seminars


Boost your corporate culture in 4 steps :

Ethimak increases your rentability, with a link with the societal point of the sustainable development.

1 . Definition of your values

First and foremost, we come to you, to determine which of our dilemmas suit you the best (on a data base of 150).

2 . Collect answers

We create logins to all participants, who have 2 weeks to answer to all the dilemmas chosen.

3 . Analysis of the results

We collect all datas by bringing them together and analysing them. The results are available directly on the Ethimak platform.

4 . Restitution and cobuilding.

We can restituate the analysis through different format : Audit, Trainings or Seminars. This cobuilding time will allow firms to federate all employees.

Expert at your service !

Our speciality is innovating management.

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Ethics in 2 clicks :

Ethimak targets 3 kind of clients : Firms (SMB or big groups), administrations or schools.

If you are one of those, feel free to contact-us !

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The Ethimak tool has been created thanks to the work of the thesis of Geoffroy Murat at the University of Bourgogne. He leans on both qualitatives and quantitatives research in the field of moral philosophy and applied ethics.

Contact Geoffroy Murat – Responsible at Nicomak for the Ethimak platform.